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Do you wish your little daughter's room would be inspiring? She would feel safe and loved?
We can help you create that heavenly atmosphere! Little Wings chair makes your little angel as happy that she feels like she could conquer the world and create the biggest masterpieces. That joyful girl will make you feel blissful. The furniture designed by Wings by Palms Art is for childhood full of miracles! This is your gift to your dear daughter.


The idea of furniture with angel wings was born from divine inspiration. All products carry love and light within so your little angel can create most memorable loving and joyful childhood. Would you like your child to have beautiful memories from her childhood? We can help!
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We wish to share with you all that inspires us. Maybe you will find a few thoughts that will give you some new ideas to make your day a little brighter, or prehaps to plant a seed to create something totally new. We wish to share our love to everyone and everywhere.


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