At the moment, Wings by Palms Art brand has a focus on the design and sale of angel-themed products for little girls and their mothers. So far, we have children's furniture for little angels and the first collection of clothing with angel wings and frills for moms and daughters.

In addition, as me, the creator, Karin Palm has constant overflow of creative energy and ideas, I support companies in marketing. Contribute to those who intend to create content (copywriting), make simple websites, text and visuals to social media, photo editing and design. Our favourite is co-creation! Read more...

And then comes The One Alchemist role in this world full of wonders. Transforming lives with different methods like hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, Akashic Record reading and so on... As being a Reiki Master, my intention is to help people take back their own true power and transform anything they do into GOLD: Growing Opportunities in Limitless Dimensions. See further: onealchemist.com 

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