Tiny elephant with a big heart 

Once upon a time there was a little elephant named Little Star. She was so tiny compared to other elephants that sometimes her own mother had trouble finding her. But everybody loved her for her smile and kindness. 

One day elephant went for a walk near the river. There was so beautiful clear water in the river and Little Star kept drinking and looking her reflection from these calm river waters. She kept walking upstream to see where this magical clearwater river started. On her way she met a unicorn named Little Wings. She was also much smaller than most of other unicorns. They were so happy to find eachother sharing the same size. Now they started walking together.  

While walking upstream, the forest around them got more and more wonderful: the berries on the trees were glowing, fairies flying around and the grass under the trees was so soft, you could just lie down and sleep right there. Suddenly, Little Star stopped. She saw a little monkey stuck between the branches. Little Star and unicorn named Little Wings were a little bit of afraid of monkeys, but as the monkey was in trouble they wanted to help.

Little Star said: „Oh my, oh my. I am scared of monkeys, but we have to help him.“

Little Wings nodded and replied: „Me too, but the little monkey really needs our help. What can we do?“

Little Star was confident: „I guess we have to be brave and help him anyway.“

Little Wings agreed: „Yes, of course we have to be brave and help him.“ 

The elephant and the unicorn went to help the little monkey. They moved the branches and hop! The little monkey got out from the trap. At this moment, the mom of the little monkey arrived and saw, how brave these little fellows were. Monkey mom said: „Wow! You are so brave, that you helped my little monkey. I am so proud of you, overcoming your fear and helping others. Even though you both are so tiny, your hearts are very big. Big, kind heart is the biggest treasure to have in life, keep that in mind. All your dreams will be fulfilled, if you are kind in your heart.“  

So, little one. Be kind in your heart and see, how your dreams will come true. Everyone who has a big heart, is always rewarded with great friends and the most wonderful adventures. Having a big heart is same as being kind. 

Before you fall asleep, say: „I have a kind heart. I have a kind heart. I have a kind heart.“ And feel how big your heart grows with the inner joy.

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