Creating heaven here and now.... Gratitude in hour heart...

I'm glad that you wish to know us better. Everyone has a unique story to tell their kids, grandchildren, friends and total strangers. Miracles happen and dreams come true - these experiences we gladly share with one another. I wish that we could be surrounded by divine inspiration every single day so that it could lead us to bigger contentment. 

Wings by Palms Art brand is born from pure divine inspiration. Palms Art Group was registered by me, Karin Palm, the co-founder, as a company in 2015 with a vision of creating something great in the future. In year 2018 it happened: during meditation I had a vision of many products that were decorated with angel wings. I grabbed a pencil and started to sketch all that I had seen. 

Since then, me and my enthusiastic team members have been developing the items to make them perfect for little angels, princesses and lovely little daughters. We have put a lot of effort into MAKING YOU HAPPY, when you watch your little daughter sitting on this angelic chair. 

"One becomes as big as one's biggest dream." These are the words that inspire me. So I decided to do something that I consider extraordinary. It's been a wonderful journey... full of meeting interesting people, figuring out things that have never been done before in terms of what concerns the technical development as well as design. I loved woodwork and now I can connect my hobby to my mission: create something that carries the idea of being loved and feeling safe. These items with wings have a mission: they are created to bring more love and light into this world. My little 2-year-old daughter was part of the inspiration to make little girls' furniture. She has helped me a lot and as being "part of the team", she has learned really fast what's mummy up to, what means prototype and jigsaw.

In Wings by Palms Art we value life and Mother Earth. We value harmonic lifestyle and being thankful. Always try to remember not to take anything for granted.

If we share these values, we can improve the story of Wings by Palms Art together. 

Let's create something beautiful and make more reasons to remember to be thankful for every moment we spend with our families and little ones.