The miraculous touch of the Little Angel.  

Once upon a time there was a Little Angel who had many magical skills. She could fly high, she could sing so beautifully with her wonderful voice. One of these skills allowed her to turn everything she touched into something angelic if she wanted to.  

When there was a wooden toy, white wings came on the toy and it could fly around. When the Little Angel touched the pencil, beautiful white soft feathers appeared on the top of the pencil. As the Little Angel walked through the cloudy castle and wondered what else is possible to turn magically angelic, she finally got tired. Then he saw a beautiful white wooden chair. Exactly the size that would be perfect for her to rest her feet. The Little Angel touched it and hop! It became an angelic chair. She was sincerely happy about her magical skill and enjoyed sitting in this newly appeared angel-winged chair.  

Would you like to have such a magical skill? Or do you have something else in mind if you want to make yourself and others happy? What magical skill would that be? Once you have figured it out, keep this wonderful skill in your mind and heart and see if it is shown to you in the dreamland.  

All angels love you, darling. 

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