Wings Chair 88€
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You can choose finishing of the chair's legs just before adding it to the cart. 
Options are: white legs or wooden legs. If you wish to have white stripes on legs to give a special angelic touch to your furniture, choose wooden legs and you'll find stickers included in the package. 

A chair with angel wings - to make your little angel happy!
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  • total height 59 cm (23,22 inches)
  • height: 27,5 cm (10,82 inches)
  • material: plywood, wooden legs
  • finish: paint and laquer according to European Standards for kids furniture
  • The chair has been tested for strenght and durability in the TalTech Laboratory of Wood Technology

Wings chair is transported in flat package and is easy to put together. To connect Wings chair seating plate and wings, there is a tool in the package. Legs are scrollable for both chair and table. 

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