Gratitude of Being

Angel's protective wings holding your sweet little daughter. Beauty. Joy. Peace. Love... These words characterize harmonic home and give you the emotion that you just want to feel here and now. 

Wings by Palms Art have thought about you! Our aim is to help you find that peace and harmony within you and one way to accomplish that is to add some heavenly details to your home. Our goal is to help you find the peace and contentment inside with the help of inspirational details at home. 

Since everybody is always so busy, one needs something special that helps him/her to become aware of the Moment. The power of Here and Now is limitless! It's important to notice the pure love around us. Sweet little girl sitting on a chair that has angel wings on its back and creating a masterpiece of art behind the table - that is only possible because that child is dedicated to creation at this very Moment and this is the most important thing to become aware of. No need to worry about tomorrow or what lies in the past. At this very moment the world stops - mommy admires her sweet child and is greatful for all that Is. No need for overthinking. Just take the Moment, dear!

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