Mandala Art therapy. Sit and look at this mandala for at least 2 min - you receive healing to silence your mind.

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses art materials and the creative process to help individuals explore their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. It is based on the belief that the creative process can be used as a therapeutic tool to access and express inner feelings that may be difficult to put into words.

Art therapy is used to help individuals of all ages and abilities, including children, adults, and elders. This therapy form is used to treat a wide range of mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, and trauma.

Art therapy:

  • A study by the National Coalition of Creative Arts Therapies Association found that 94% of clients reported feeling better after art therapy.
  • Research has shown that art therapy can be effective in reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression, increasing self-esteem, and improving overall well-being.
  • Art therapy is widely used in hospitals, schools, and community centers, as well as in private practice.
  • The use of art therapy is growing in popularity and acceptance, with more and more insurance companies now covering art therapy sessions as a form of treatment.